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Buy app ratings feels like going over the line to get more downloads, doesn’t it? Since app ratings are such important aspects for the respective app stores. The consumer’s opinion on the app’s strongest points and the ones that should be improved help the mobile app grow further. Many developers and companies with their business apps on the play store often ask, “do ratings and reviews affect my app store ranking position?” 

Well, we can’t say it’s the only factor, but having ios app ratings and reviews does help your app get a better position among the other similar apps.

Apart from this reason, app ratings and reviews contribute to your app branding, influence your app store rank, bring in organic traffic, and most importantly, affect people’s decision to download your app more often.

So, if you stumble upon whether to buy app store ratings, you are thinking in the right direction because you are absolutely right about this useful marketing tactic. Let us dive deep into this whole scenario by scratching the surface of some of the important questions on the topic.

Are App Ratings Genuine?

As the popularity of smartphones has increased, the app development industry has also exploded at the same time. With more than 4 million apps in Google’s Play Store, about 3739 new apps are added to this ever floating sea every day. It doesn’t matter the industry your mobile app serves; you will always find the competition you need to beat. 

Around 48% of iOS users find apps by searching on the App Store, and 55% of Android users discover apps through search. And if even half of these searches affect your app appearance on the respective engines, then we would say ratings and reviews play a significant role in your app discovery.

And most importantly, not only your app store rating will help your app to be found, but it will also give the ability to your app to get more downloads. With users rarely downloading apps with ratings less than 4, the importance of buy ios ratings has become indispensable for businesses.

buy ios ratings

Various App Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings of the app come in different types, out of which some are more valuable as compared to others. As mentioned, the overall rating of an app on the App Store and Google Play is a reliable indicator of your app quality; it’s important to keep an eye on different kinds of app reviews and ratings given to your app.

  • One Word Review 

We all have that one friend who only says one word, and similarly, we have a one-word review which is most helpful. It is the most common type of review and can be established as “Wow” or “Good”, “Fantastic App” or sometimes “Terrible”, “Worst” etc.

These kinds of reviews contribute significantly to your app ratings and should be handled with a reason for the problem or acknowledgement of the review. 

  • Long Reviews 

Long reviews with positive feedback can work wonders for your app’s overall ranking. But the fact that the user has spent their time writing a detailed review shows either anger or good quality you are offering.

You need to reply to such ios app ratings and reviews, whatever the case is. 

  • The Subjective Responder

A subjective responder is the one who writes more feedback and then ends up on the low side of the ratings with 1 or 2 stars. As per the analytics, these reviewers are the people who probably have an issue with something and are basing their review on that.

So it would help if you found the legit faults in your app, so you have no more similar users to complain about. 

  • Bad Review

Ratings and reviews with just one-star and a lot of criticism. The app store ratings that you need to focus on the most.

buy app ratings

What Are the Benefits to Buy App Ratings?

As mentioned, it is already crowded on the respective app stores, and you need to find effective ways to gain traction from the users. IOS app ratings and reviews become more important when your competitors are already there with better rankings and better positive reviews.

So, once you buy app store ratings, you have better chances to boost your growth and get benefits which are as follows. 

Influence Customer Decision

App store ratings give customers a great idea about the various aspects of your app. The users read these ratings and read the reviews to determine whether your app is safe to use, functional or not, deliver expected results or not, have better UI or not, and most importantly, the user gets to learn what all needs to be improved.

When you buy ios reviews, you have the liberty to share the same information with other users thoroughly and influence the purchase in your direction. 

Increases App Visibility

Just like a website’s visibility is crucial for search engines to get organic traffic, your app’s visibility is crucial for respective stores to endure growth. Constant and positive app store rating and reviews don’t let your app get lost in the sea and become invisible.

Once you buy app ratings, you have better positioning, which eventually supports the number of downloads you get. So, it can be established that buying app reviews is an internal part of the ASO(App Store Optimization) process, and with an average rating campaign, you can boost the app rankings to a significant number. 

App Store Optimization

Summing Up

Whether to buy app ratings or not is probably one of the topics that come and repeatedly go in your brain. We understand the dilemma because it's a two-way street, as we believe that it can be wise to invest in this marketing strategy.
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