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iOS 16 Update
iOS 16 Update

Apple announced the next version of iOS, that is iOS 16, to the whole world at their WWDC 2022 event. The event was held on June 6th and they also released the first developer beta of iOS 16 to get the development phase up and running. Over the years, iOS updates have brought a ton...

What is App Store Optimization
What Is App Store Optimization (ASO) And Why Is It Important?

Everything you should know about ASO/App Store optimization This article provides a complete guide to App Store Optimization (ASO), that addresses different challenges related to visibility, improving the conversion rate of apps to enhance downloads, and ways to improve discoverability. The world of the mobile app market is growing and leading nowadays. The fact is that in...

Top 2022 mobile marketing trends
Mobile marketing trends 2022: What all changes are there?

Do you agree the fact that changes in the app marketing industry will lead to the impact on the work of the android and IOS app marketing in the year 2022? It is essential to analyse the marketing trends for the year 2022 to determine the impact. Over the last few years, this can be...

Google Play Store Policy Changes
Google Play Store Policy Changes, impact on ASO

Recently, there will be new guidelines and policies for the Google Play store policy in the second half of 2021. The emphasis of Google is strongly shifting in-app experience and enhancing the app quality to discover on Google Play Store.   Do you want to know the reasons behind the google play policy changes 2021?...

Apple WWDC 2021
WWDC 2021: Apple’s iOS 15 Reveal: What Will Change for ASO

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2021) came with big news for ASO practitioners at the beginning of this month. Apple WWDC 2021 date was June 7th that includes recent updates and other aspects. Apple revealed that they will bring changes in different software and these changes will be there in iOS 15. However, Apple didn’t...

App Store vs Google Play
App Store vs Google Play: A Detailed comparison of Fee, Revenue & Testing tools

Dreamt and designed your first App? Excited for launching a new app? Since it is your first app you would be surprised to know all that the stores ( App Store vs Google Play ) have in-store for you. With so many possibilities of you wanting to get things done for your app launch, this one...

App Preview Video
App Store Vs Google Play Store Promo Video Guidelines

App’s Promo Videos are the best creatives to pass your App’s information in detail. Creative Detailed App information is the best way to attract attention.

App Screenshots Guidelines for App Store and Google Play
App Screenshots Guidelines for App Store and Google Play

Words aren’t enough when a good capture adds to help capture the audience well! Captures or the App Screenshots does wonder. Why? Because they appeal eyes, one of the most important factors in decision making! The star factor is not only the App Screenshots but your App’s demo video also adds a fan to the flame! We guess PlayStore...

Mobile Game App Publisher
Top Mobile Game App Publishers List With Complete Contact Details

Gaming is the trend followed over the years. There are various attributes which makes a game super amazing. Young generation chooses a Game on the basis of its popularity and ratings on the play store. Just to build up a game isn’t sufficient to show your astounding thought (For which you have built up your...

iOS 14 WWDC 2020