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App Name and Description Helps to Enhance Your App Installs

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With the whole world getting savvy with digital media, it is time for even some more experiments and innovations to be done. While we are in our mood to end this year with the spirit of Christmas bringing joy, it is also a time to pull up our socks and get thinking caps on, for our business.

This is one of those perfect times to enjoy year-end sales not only in apparels and other shopping stuff but also in games and other entertaining apps.

This season is one of the best times to attract more deals and expect hike in app installs if the app is staged well on the App Stores.

The best question to ask now could be which way we can get our app noticed by the people? Not only this, we also understand you might want to know those easy tricks, to make your App be the one among many to hit the install list this festive season.

Every element of your App Store product page has the power to drive downloads of your app. Learn how to help customers discover your app and engage them through thoughtfully crafted metadata on your product page and in search result

Taking it one by one, let’s discuss how app installs can be boosted or how your app can be made noticeable by the people!

  1. Notice the App Name

It is very necessary to serve consumers what they have been looking for.  And in this quick to know kind of world, not everyone has time to read the complete stuff, so providing easy information in App name is a cool trick!

App name should have more of hint towards the app use and utility along with allowing some right keywords to fit in.

We cannot sail on the support of App Name alone and so building a right, appealing and catchy App icon is also very necessary for the hiked installs.

  1. App Description

No app would be able to do good without telling its target users what it is offering. It is very necessary for the users to know if the app is providing “what they desire”. Of course you cannot keep talking to everybody but your message can reach many with the help of a rightly written description!

Here is how you can nail the art of writing an App’s description:

  1. First three lines matter

Audience does not always want to read the complete article, if they don’t find it right, to enhance their wisdom. Thus working on the first three lines to bring out creativity and most necessary information is very necessary.


  1. Functionality explanation never goes out of style

Explaining functionality is a must. Apps would be downloaded for their features and their functions. Highlighting the most sought after features and bringing out the best functionalities on the table would be so helpful.

  1. Keywords are necessary to research well

With right keywords, consumers would get help in searching their need of app. With most generic and easy to use keywords, nailing the right app in the research results and hence to increase the app downloads!

  1. Simplicity is the best policy

It is very necessary to make sure the language of description should be easy to read and convey. Taking high end words and expecting the major range of people to understand is not at all common. Working with words that are easy and mostly used is the best way to explain your app to make it viral among the potential customers.

  1. Arouse eagerness

Readers always want to know what is new. They are very interested to know if the bugs are sorted that they have reported. The new and enhanced features that make the app using on point, are always looked for.

Writing an article that would help customers know what is new in the app and what all bugs are sorted out would be very beneficial.

Along with writing the description that keeps new customers roped in, it is necessary to know how to take benefit of the festive season to enhance app installs.

If you are new to the field or even if you have been working around the plot since long, here are few more insights to bring newness in your work.

  1. Seasonal keywords

Try to use the less in competition keywords that will bring more attention to your app. focusing on the long length keywords and bringing them in the right order will be a helpful thing to do.

This would be so easy to accomplish the purpose when the seasonal keywords that are mostly in search terms are used.

  1. Seasonal App campaigns

There are various things to bring on the plate and focus on, when things are about the seasonal festivities. Thus working on the campaigns that will have appearance and correct flow to go with the festive and app install will be helpful.

  1. App visual to be made in sync with the holiday season

Festive seasons are the best times to enhance installs by upgrading the app icon and other visual creatives. This helps in attracting those customers who are willing to install something related to the running festive season.

This helps in catering the two kinds of customers who install the app while searching for it only in the festive season.

  1. Highlight the offers and notifications

Who would not like to be notified about the enhanced offers and the solved bugs? Provide right information about the changes and this can be helpful in getting those customers who are active on installing update after receiving the updates!

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