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Apple iOS 17: New changes, Release Date, Price And Features

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iOS 17 is expected to release this year among the public by replacing some new features of the iOS 16. Definitely, apple is again coming up with something new in all new iOS 17. Update might include more screen lock widgets, access to third party app stores and slightly enhancement in the iMessage.

iOS 17 Release Date

Looking back to the history of Apple, this can be predicted that iOS 17 release date can be in the month of the June to September 2023. New iOS 17 release date will be revealed on the Apple’s worldwide developers conference WWDC as the successor to iOS 16.

It is predicted that apple will soon come out with the beta version for the exclusive users. iOS 17 beta version will be available to some selected users so that they can try to fix potential bugs or issues.

iOS 17 Price

iOS 17 updates are available for free. If your phone is compatible with this update, you’ll definitely be able to install it at no cost. For prices of latest iOS version, users have to wait for the iOS 17 release. Please go through the blog for details about iOS 17 supported devices list.

iOS 16 And iOS 17 Differences

Every year apple comes out with the new and shiny updates from the iPhone and this can be checked with the latest introduction of iOS 16. iOS 16 latest version was pretty with new features and users are satisfied with it. With the same thought, users like you wants more features and updates in new version of iOS 17.

New lock screen customization on iOS 16 was loveable by users like you. Without any doubt iOS 17 latest version will come with more lock screen widgets and other options like split screen features. As a user, you might be looking for more effective features as iPhone deserves a lot, not only for enhancing the productivity but also for using it all the day.

Do you agree that users of iOS like you are still not happy?? Definitely the expectation of users is more from iOS 16 and hopefully this will get accomplished in iOS 17 for which most of the users are waiting. It is expected by most of the users like you that this time Apple might allow users to add more apps in “Dock” unlike iOS 16. Nowadays, everyone would like to choose the number of apps that they would like to have on their dock. It’s time for apple to utilize this area in better way by adding more innovation and creativity.

It’s time for apple to work on the PiP mode for providing better apps for streaming video content, PiP mode introduced back in iOS 14. Let’s not be more demanding about all these features but all we want to see is the new version of iOS 17. Increase in the personalized and interactive ways has also made the apple to rethink that they have to make their iphone widgets which they might missed in the iOS 16.

Most of us, might wonder that there is need of the force close all the applications that are running at the background need attention of the developers. Users might be waiting for the way out for the same. Similar to this, there are many features that are not currently available in iOS 16 but definitely users are waiting for iOS 17 to avail all these features which were not part of iOS 16. With this, let’s have a look towards iOS 17 features.

iOS 17 Expected Features

New latest iOS version comes with the lot of changes in the features. Apple should continue their trend to come up with the new ideas and improve the existing ones in iOS 17 latest version. New version of iOS 17 users will definitely come up with some new features like better offline Siri usage, additional accessibility enhancements, notification management improvements, general stability and many others.

iOS 17 expected features

As the revealing ceremony draws nearer, more information will become available through leaks, and even more when the beta version is released. Here is what we have learned thus far:

More lock screen widgets: – There are limited four small ones and two large ones, screen widgets that are available. When you customize the iPhone lock screen with widgets, you might look for the more options. We hope to see iOS 17 expand this a bit so more of the screen can be used for widgets if you select.

More interactive widgets: – You can get glance of information with the provided widgets as it become easy to see information without opening the app. Latest iOS version will definitely come up with the improvement and full interactions. It’s time for the users of iOS 17 to keep scrolling through emails and making things off to-do list without even opening the parent app.

Split screen: – Multitasking and efficiency of the work for any iOS 17 users becomes easier with the split screen. Latest version of iOS provides features of viewing two apps at same time that boost the productivity that can save time in switching apps.

Dual apps: – Now, you can clone an app entirely to create an entirely separate profile. Latest iOS version gives you a chance to manage all in your iPhone. For instance; now you can switch WhatsApp account, one for work and one for personal use.

Call recording: – Some iOS users has raised their voice for the built in call recording feature. No doubt, iPhone provide you ways through which you can record you’re call. However, having built in call recording features will be best. Yet, there is no surety that iOS 17 will include this feature because of the call recording laws in different regions.

Improved notifications: – Managing notification for iPhone users is difficult, specifically when it is on the lock screen. New iOS version might include convenient way to manage the notification by giving options like Android. Users of iOS are waiting for the new version of iOS so that they can get all these features.

Shorter Siri Phrase: – Now it’s time to drop “Hey” part in Siri and time to start with listen phrase. Apple is working on its way to bring this change in latest version of iOS.

iMessage redesign: – Another iOS 17 rumors are about Apple working on all new version of iMessage that provides support chat rooms and AR features, apparently built for a headset.

Third party app stores: – Mark Guman presented Apple plans to allow users to download apps in iOS 17 without using Apple’s play store. While you can already sideload apps in iOS or jailbreak your phone, this method of Apple will be safer and secure. Reason behind such a change is availability of alternative app store that aimed at complying in strict European Union requirements coming in 2024.

iOS 17 Supported Devices List

Latest iPhone models from the last several years will probably be compatible, but no one is sure about which devices will run iOS 17 until Apple provides those details.

iOS 17 supported devices list

For your reference iOS 16 works on all of the following, so iOS 17 will drop for approximately all the same models:

  • iPhone Pro Max (11 and newer)
  • iPhone Pro (11 and newer)
  • iPhone (11 and newer)
  • iPhone mini (12 and newer)
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation and newer)
  • iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max

Additionally, iOS 16 also works on iPhone 8/8 plus and iPhone X, but since those phones came out in the year 2017 and the company doesn’t usually continue to offer OS updates to devices that old, they might not be eligible for iOS 17. Stay connected for more details or interesting facts about iOS and ASO, you can visit our website Appboostability for availing our services.

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