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How to promote your mobile game and increase Google Play and App Store downloads

mobile game and increase Google Play and App Store downloads
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In the competitive era of mobile gaming, creating an expectational experience for the users becomes essential. It’s high time to wake up and develop a strategy for promoting your strategy for games that attract users to download from Google Play and the App Store.

Do you want to increase your download and cover a large audience towards your mobile app? Let’s discuss the proven ways your mobile gaming app can be promoted and downloads on Google Play and the App Store can be improved.

10 Ways to Get Mobile App Downloads

Optimize Your App Store Presence

  • App Store Optimization (ASO): – ASO is a process that makes your page easily accessible and invites users. Effective utilization of ASO techniques helps in enhancing your game’s discoverability. It means optimizing your app title, description, keywords and visuals (icons and screenshots) for maximum appeal and relevance. Most of the apps need help getting downloads for the areas. If you want to enhance your numbers, then study the listings of your biggest competitors. You need to understand the importance of research for the ideal users who are more likely to search for gaming apps.
  • User Reviews: – Encourage players to promptly leave positive reviews and witness negative ones. High ratings and positive comments boost your app’s credibility, which makes a maximum number of users download your app.
Optimize Your App Store Presence

Expand Target Audience with App Localization

App Store and Google Play Store allow them to extend their app reach worldwide. However, people can only download the app once if they understand it. Translation can assist you in reaching out to people in different areas worldwide. Localization is all about adapting your entire app for diverse cultures, locations and languages. The whole process assists the new users to avail the better user experience that leads to positive reviews with mouth referrals.

Implement App Store Optimization (ASO)

Like many other apps, does your app struggle for downloads? If yes, you should work on improving your numbers by conducting competitors and researching ideal users. Continuously refine your ASO strategy by analyzing keyword performance, monitoring competitors, and experimenting with different elements of your app store listing. This ongoing process can boost your game’s visibility.

Usually, users search the internet for information and answers to their problems. Most apps in app stores get visitors from websites and even from Google directly. You should analyze the website that can be utilized as a gateway that allows people to access your app’s store listing in Google Play.

Proper use of App Store Optimization allows you to position your app in front of a high-intent audience so that users can do maximum downloads. Depending on the form and function, it becomes necessary to consider the strategy of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Proper App Store Optimization allows you to reflect your mobile app on the first page of the search results. You have the responsibility that your app is indexable in Google searches. This way, users can get listed in Google search results and easily navigate the app directly.

Implement App Store Optimization (ASO)

Leverage social media

Do you think how to advertise mobile games? Creating a strong presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is one of the ways to create awareness for users. Social media allows to share engaging content related to the game that involves videos, gameplay and updates. Promotional campaigns can be done through social media in two ways: organic and paid.

  • Organic social media: – You can create one dedicated social media page specific to your mobile app and extend your audience by reflecting on the brand.
  • Paid social media: – Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok are used for campaigns. When the users click the Call-to-action button, they’ll be led directly to the app store listing. All these campaigns run considering interests and demographics. The motive of the paid campaign is to select the right people for the mobile app. Every social media has its pros and cons; thus, it becomes crucial to decide the amount that should be invested.

Encourage Referrals

Implementation of in-game rewards is required for sharing your game with friends or participating in referral programs. Mobile game players remain engaged when they get special offers and referrals.

Most users easily get engaged when friends and family members generate awareness about any app. People are more often swapped by the friendly while comparing it to ads and articles. This promotion happens with word of mouth and then gets the benefits of a referral system, all the members who will download the mobile app will be rewarded. It’s the easiest way to increase downloads in Google Play and App Store.

Influencer Marketing

How do you promote your game on Google Play or market your mobile app? One of the effective ways is influencer marketing, which supports your mobile app and gains more users.

  • Partner with influencers: – Partner with gaming influencers and YouTubers with a dedicated following. They can create gameplay videos or reviews that showcase your game to a broader audience and generate interest.
  • Set up the campaign: – You can easily set up the campaign by yourself if you want the best work at a low price, or you can appoint someone. Conduct a proper search on platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, allowing you to get more updates about the influencers and how they reach the brand for converting them.

Build a community

Forming a dedicated forum or website for your game where players can improve their experience and provide suggestions. When mobile app developers host events, contests, and giveaways, they engage you in community work.

It’s always better to invest in community building to promote mobile games. Any community where people share details about their gaming passion can make others download this app. Community group engagement requires time and patience, as members must take the initiative to promote specific elements. However, it becomes a great opportunity once they get the revert from community people.

Launch Promotions and Special Events

Mobile gaming advertising requires you to introduce limited-time offers, discounts, or in-game events to create a sense of urgency and excitement. These promotions can entice players to download and engage with your game.

Promotional content reflected through in-app events is another great way to retain your customers and get higher revenue. This content can be reflected on the home page, store listing page, search results or events tab.

Both Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store offer an In-app Events (IAE) promotional feature. These in-app events are presented as event cards and are visible throughout the Apple App Store, including the home screen, search results, and app product pages.

To effectively utilize in-app events in both stores, creating distinct assets tailored for optimizing this content is essential. While it does require preparing different materials, leveraging in-app events can significantly enhance your game’s visibility within these app stores.

Email Marketing

Build an email list of players who have shown interest in or downloaded your game. Send them regular updates, news, and exclusive content to keep them engaged and informed.

You should ensure proper communication with the clients that involves sharing information with them regarding release emails, pre-order notifications, announcing features, and inviting people so that they take active participation in events and others. Get the list of possible users, share the information through a push email strategy, and improve downloads for your app.

Engage with User Feedback

User feedback matters a lot for the mobile apps to make required improvements. Mobile app game users share information through reviews and ratings that provide insights into the app’s workings. It can be related to the functionality, design, usability and user experience. Some customers also share the reviews and ratings involving comparison of the apps with other competing apps.

Mobile game app developers must understand the genuine reviews and act accordingly. It’s essential to keep in mind about the client satisfaction and retention.


Promoting your mobile game and increasing downloads on Google Play and the App Store is challenging but rewarding. By employing these ten strategies, you can create a strong presence for your game, attract a dedicated player base, and ultimately achieve success in the competitive mobile gaming industry.

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