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App Store vs Google Play: A Detailed comparison of Fee, Revenue & Testing tools

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Dreamt and designed your first App? Excited for launching a new app? Since it is your first app you would be surprised to know all that the stores ( App Store vs Google Play ) have in-store for you. With so many possibilities of you wanting to get things done for your app launch, this one helps to know how things need to be done. App planning and launching are needs that need to be equally thought about. But when we think of working on the things that would help us stage our App on the stores, we need proper guidance and help to bring it at a proper manner.

Here is a piece that draws it out so well about App Store vs Google Play when it comes to apps.

S.No Feature App Store Google Play Store
1 App Submission Fee
  • 99$(app store fees 2021 to be renewed annually).
  • Deliberate access to Apple Pay, Maps, HealthKit, and HomeKit.
  • Tools like SDK and API are provided.
  • Beta testing possible
  • Fresh insight in user engagement, marketing campaigns, app monetization and such related information.
  • 25$(play store fees 2021 doesn’t need annual renewal).
  • Allows in Developer Console that helps with uploading of android app, build product pages, manage in app purchases and product subscriptions.
2 App Reviewing
  • Review process shifted to just two days as compared to earlier four weeks.
  • App developer is sent mail about problems in the apps. If the fix happens within one week then it comes out best but if prolongs then Apple would remove the App sticking to the quality norms of the same which were to re-evaluate the pre published apps.
  • Enjoy beta testing with TestFlight and make your prior build available to the testing team.
  • Google play makes sure that the final time to review is three hours.
  • Google’s manpower reviews and makes all apps to be possibly hung on the Google Play Store making it quick.
  • Google’s Developer console enables the pre-launch report to bring the App on the review table before it is actually launched in real. This helps in knowing about crashes and bugs in your app before release.
3 Monetization
  • 85 by 15 divisions of the profits between the Developer console and can buy app store ratings.
  • Provides subscription based plans available for all the app types and even for the games.
  • 70 by 30 divisions of the profits between the Developer console and the Play Store side.

We hope this parallel drawn between app store vs play store 2021 is helpful for you and your brain child! First attempt at launching app we prefer you go through this App Store vs Google Play whole! For more questions and help kindly connect to us at

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