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Boost your App’s performance & grow your app’s LTV with App Reviews!

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Boost your App’s performance & grow your app’s LTV with App Reviews!

Got an innovating idea and turned into amazing app long back? Your innovating idea made into an app need to be visible and surfaced well.

Users will never get to know how helpful your app is until they see your app floating in the most downloaded app section.

Well, you might wonder how you can bring up your app in the most sought order. This is something very easy to know but definitely tricky to get hold of!

Because the process is tricky and time investing it might raise eyebrows as on how and why one should hold on to the process.

Never to forget holding on always help in bringing stuff on the right line. So here we would love to help you with the answers why one should invest in App reviews or how app reviews help with app LTV growth and CPI decrease!

Positive ratings and reviews can mean more downloads of your app, and customer feedback gives you insight into real world usage that helps direct future development efforts

Here are the few reasons how reviews can help with LTV and CPI

  • Makes a positive reputation

Any person would like to have an amazing time using the app they have downloaded with great expectation. But how would they know which app they should download? Which app has the best reputation among the potential customers? The ones which show the honest and genuine comments or the reviews from real users!

Reviews help in building up the right reputation for the app, as the potential customers can read the reviews and instead of skipping the potential app they would hold on to install it.

  • Helps in quick judgment

Instead of the need to skip the app that might help with all of the potential needs that a customer desires, such reviews are helpful in bringing out the right install. There is no need to go through the complete process of install and find out the app details using the longer process route.

While one can easily get to the Google Play Store or the Apple PlayStore and find out about the app’s condition with the help of reviews and the comments on those reviews! When such crucial information is available on the App store itself people can be easily guided onto the right app in no moment. 

  • A good way to notch up one level for the App

When a customer posts reviews or comments about the features, it is a helpful note for the app developer team.

When the reviews or comments are about the new changes that need to be made in the app, or the new feature that needs to be taken in the app, they prove to be a useful link up directly to the enhanced installs and retention time for the app.

These reviews are very helpful for the developer to make a connection with the customer and get knowledge of the positive features that should be implemented in the app to make it a high game!

Isn’t this a helpful norm to get better to the app side and thus hike the installs and the retention time as well.

  • Helps customer to feel belonged

With the customers reviews and the comments developer team can take the dig to get connected with them. This is such a sweet gesture to reply back on the comments or reviews of the customers.

This gesture make customers feel belonged and on the top, they feel better when they are notified with the new change implemented as is desired by them; or in other words when the new update is pushed live.

Thus more satisfied and happy the present customers, they can become the chain to get in more potential customers!

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