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Get More App Installs and Boost Sales using these Useful Halloween Marketing Ideas

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The way in which human psychology works is that it tries to find a connection between everything. If it connects with them, then they go for it. That is one of the leading reasons why festival seasons make an exceptional marketing opportunity for businesses.

With a smartphone in your hand, we are sure you have observed the use of different festival themes by the apps you use. For instance, currently, Skype is using these Halloween-based emojis to use in the chat for its users. The reason behind this is simple, to get more engagement from them. Suppose you also have a mobile app for your business that competes in the market. In that case, you know that better user engagement drives more installs, increases brand awareness, and eventually enhances your sales number. 

Moreover, your customer seeks such changes from your end. Aforesaid, if you can set a connection with the latest scenario in your user’s life, they will love it, will use your mobile app for a longer time, and indeed market it to others. 

Fun Fact By Kid Dressed as Thanos“Never underestimate the power of mouth to mouth marketing.” If extraterrestrial beings believe that, then we should too. They are probably more intelligent than us. Jokes aside! 

It seems all the odds are in your favor, so why not leverage the benefit out this spooky season by using the below-mentioned and practical Halloween marketing ideas.  

  • Halloween Themed Push Notifications 

One study showed that push notifications could boost your app engagement by 88%. Imagine how much it will positively impact your click rate and increase in sales when you offer a Halloween-themed push notification to your users. Adding Halloween-inspired emojis on a personalized message with a bit of zing of the spooky season can trigger users to click on it and check out the current discounts and offers you have for them.

  • Halloween Giveaway and Discounts

As you already know, the benefit of push notifications, including your Halloween giveaways and discounts, is a great way to not only drive more app installs but also enhance loyalty among your customers. This will raise a curiosity in the minds of other app store users as they would love to know what you are offering this holiday season and encourage them to install your app. Creating a win-win situation always emerges as a triumph for app developers in the long term. 

  • Promoting your Deals Using Email Marketing & Social Media Platforms

What’s the point of having these fantastic deals if you are not putting them out for more people to know about them? Using your mailing lists to share Halloween deals with your current and potential users that share an interest in your mobile app is a great way to increase engagement around your app. Creating a unique app icon and asking your designer to develop a blown-up image that broadcasts your app’s benefits will bring readers to the attention. Using the same image on your social media accounts can instantly get more traffic, visitors, sales, and transactions.

  • App Store Optimization 

The businesses with mobile apps do not consider app store optimization as the need of the hour at the moment. But a platform where 3.9 billion people are determined to be online at one time is undoubtedly a great place to market your mobile app in the festive seasons. Halloween allows you to be playful, as you can redesign your app to suit vibrating with festive colors. Updating your app data with attention-grabbing Halloween special ASO packages and a new video of your app that shows its features in mystical and humorous ways can help you in unimaginable ways, just like Halloween where kids can be almost anything. 

  • Using Halloween Hashtags to Promote your App 

Hashtags, simple yet so effective. Hashtags are a great way to connect with the audience that shares the same thoughts as you on social media platforms. It’s ingenious to use a comprehensive marketing strategy by starting your own Halloween hashtags and actively connecting with the community. Just like in Marvel’s latest television series, “What If,” where anything can happen. What if your hashtags get viral? Then it can work as an excellent asset for your brand. People sharing thoughts on your hashtags will love to install your app and see what all you have to offer. 


Do not wait for a more significant festival or the holiday season to strike the hammer. Every second can be turned into an opportunity to get better app installs and increase your sales. Get scary and mysterious while using these ways, or find your frightening way to connect with the audience and spread the word about your services all over the globe. After all, it’s Halloween, and people will love it. Happy Halloween!

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