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Mobile marketing trends 2022: What all changes are there?

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Do you agree the fact that changes in the app marketing industry will lead to the impact on the work of the android and IOS app marketing in the year 2022? It is essential to analyse the marketing trends for the year 2022 to determine the impact.

Over the last few years, this can be easily described that mobile industry is ever-changing and unpredictable. App marketing industry has witnessed various important changes during 2021. One of the Google play Store updates was being tougher for listing optimization and on the other hand iOS 15 has brought some major updates for the app marketers.

Have you heard that Google Play Store is about bring more changes in 2022? The answer is yes, as it is very clear that it is high time for Google to level up quality of apps that helps in making the platform more attractive for running advertisements. However, Google’s new rules can also lead to the benefits for the first adapters. Let’s have a look to the possible Google mobile marketing trends 2022.

App Store Optimization 2022 changes in Google play Store policy

From 29th September 2021, Google has updated their policies which has already affected the practiced of the App Store Optimization 2022. Due to the updates, many apps have been punished for not implementing the new Google regulations. The updates were major due to which some app developers keep ignoring the new rules and, they get the punishment for the same.

Google Play’s New Safety Section

Till the time, developers were able to get the punishment on normal basis, but these penalizations will get more serious when Google Play Store will come to the strict measures against the developers.

“Assets that don’t meet our guidelines may be ineligible for promotion and recommendation on major Google Play surfaces like Apps and Games home.”

– Bert de Weerd and Tingmui Li, Google Play

It is strongly recommended to the developers to make sure that they are working as per the new Google policy update. It’s high time to get your metadata optimized before strict rules which include:

  • App title must be up to 30 characters
  • Popular keywords like Top, new, free, best and CTA like download now are forbidden to use in metadata as well as creatives.

Google play Store Ratings and Reviews update

Ratings and reviews play a vital role for App developers when it comes to mobile app marketing strategy. The changes related to the ratings and reviews also affects the android and IOS app marketing in 2022. Some of the updates related to Ratings and reviews are presented below:

“From November 2021, users on phones will start to see ratings specific to their registered countryEarly in 2022 users on other form-factors such as tablets, Chromebooks, and wearables will start to see ratings specific to the device that they’re on.”

– Tom Grinsted, Scott Lin, and Tat Yang Koh, Product Managers at Google Play

Google Play store is more focused to improve the experience of the users and app developers. Thus, this leads to the decision that users will be able to view the ratings and reviews of their own region from November 2021. For instance, if your device is registered for London then you will be able to see specific reviews and ratings from users who are from same region that is London. This mobile app marketing strategy leads to the major impact on app store optimizer.

Don’t you think that these changes in IOS app marketing will lead to benefit for users? Users will get the correct and accurate results of reviews and ratings that will measure the overall experience of that area. Users can easily rely on the ratings and reviews while downloading or using the app. On the other hand, developers also get the benefits as their one region app reviews will not affect other regions. For instance; if a user is living in London, then he/she can see the reviews of particular region. In the year 2022, app developers and users will face these changes.

Now, it a perfect time for the developers to bring the changes in their App Store strategy in terms of ratings and reviews. It has become essential to keep check on regular notifications in your Google Play Console. Overall, this is one of the major mobile marketing trends that affects the most.

Deductions in Google Service Fees in 2022

Google clearly said that from January 1, 2022, it will be reducing the service fee for all sort of subscriptions that are available on Google play to 15% from 30%. This clearly means for the developers who are offering the subscriptions will cut the fees in half majorly for the first-year subscription. Mobile marketing trends shows earlier this year google introduced play media experience programme to launch audio, video and book developer to assist in rising the platform by building cross-device experience. Developers hot the benefit in order to invest the multi-screen experience with the service fee as low as 15%, the firm said in the blog post.

App store optimization 2022, shows that tech giant further said E-Books and on-demand music streaming services will now be available for the service fee as low as 10%. Now, the developers are shifting towards the mobile app marketing strategy by reducing their subscription cost for the users as per the policy.

New safety section of Google Play

Are you happy to hear about the new mobile marketing trends related to safety section? From the starting of 2022, the privacy description will be visible for each and every app in Google Play store. Now, the Google’s new user data policy is aiming to offer more transparency to users. The summary of the data that has been collected by app will be informed to users through App’s store listing page.

App Marketing Trends 2022

This new safety features can be considered as benefit as well as challenge for the app developers. Developers will get benefit of more organic traffic and downloads as they will be able to win the trust through accurate and reliable data. On the other hand, this might negatively affect some developers who used to share the user’s data with the third parties. Such developers can witness less downloads.


Apple App Store Trends 2022

Apart from the Google app store changes, there is apple app store changes in 2022. Are you aware about the apple app store trends 2022?

One of the biggest news of 2021 was the release of iOS 15. Apple App store added three new features that include:

  1. In-app events
  2. Custom product pages
  3. Product page optimization

App Store optimization 2022 is coming up with the new features in the new era and paid UA in 2022.

In-app Events and its app marketers benefit from it

In-app events are considered as the timely events within iOS apps like competitions, live-streamed experiences, movie premieres and many more. All these events appear across the App store that include image or video, event name as well as short description. Such iOS in-app events allow to engage the existing users base and attract new users.

IOS app marketing allow the marketers to make actively use of this feature in 2022. The three major reasons behind the use of in-app events consists of:

  • Keep the existing users engaged and informed
  • Reconnect with previous users
  • Reach new users

A/B Testing in the Apple App Store

Apple App Store brings native A/B testing for the product page optimization. It’s time for the users test up to 3 diverse product page treatments against the original product page. Now, the IOS app marketing allows the marketers to select the traffic split as well as localizations. This is the perfect time for the app store optimizer to avail the better possibilities to optimize their strategies for user acquisition through A/B Testing.

Apple Custom Product Pages

A big change in 2022, custom product pages as it assists in customizing messaging within your campaigns. For mobile app marketing strategy, this is the first time in which you can form up to 35 additional App Store Product Pages with the diverse promotional screenshots, texts and app previews. Apple search ads will provide support to customer product pages as well. This simply means that they will be able to form diverse keywords in order to appeal their users. The product pages will receive a unique URL that can be used for campaign to drive the particular audiences

Apple Mandatory Account Deletion

Apple is ready to offer users better control of their personal data from January 2022. Apple users will have the possibilities of deleting data from within the apps. This option will provide the users a right so that they can control their personal data. It is suggested by Apple to developers to keep data collection policy more transparent for lower chances for the penalization. Also, to keep the Apple App Store Trends 2022 in mind while performing activities.

Overall, this can be summarized that there are major changes in the mobile marketing trends 2022, consist of both Google play store changes and iOS app store changes. These changes have direct impact on their major stakeholders that include developers and users. The major changes are related to policy, rating and reviews, deduction in google service fees and new safety section of the Google play store. On the other hand, Apple App Store Optimization 2022 include changes in A/B testing, custom product pages and mandatory account deletion. Mobile app marketing trends 2022 makes the developers to follow all changes due to the heavy penalty risk on the apps.

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