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Top App Review Sites

Got something amazing on your plate after hours of fiddling and hard work? Something innovative has been brought up on the PlayStore now you require it to reach as many users as possible?

If you want to bring proper attention to your app then you should be making right efforts in the right direction. Ever heard of App ratings and Reviews? They make it louder and bolder to bring Your App come across mind and eyes of the potential customers.

If you are wondering why you need to depend on the ways to word publicize your apps then you definitely need to know they are one way to land your apps in front of your potential customers.

With instant access to the news about the newly launched apps, Apps review sites offer initial publicity to monetize your Apps the right way.

Build a strong presence of your app on the web using the review sites and submitting your timely articles and press releases.

Let Us Promote Your App! We will provide the viral marketing campaign for your app by submitting reviews to dozens of powerful top-rated App Review Websites

Benefits of approaching the reviews submission sites

  1. A platform to announce about the upcoming or already published apps.
  2. Can spread the excitement about bug soled and bring the right attention on the newly introduced changes in the app.
  3. One way to show your apps’ popularity and downloads’ statistics.
  4. More the publicity more the hype created in the public

How to Approach App Reviews Submission Sites?

Consider the following ways to approach App Reviews Submission Sites:

  1. Press Release: Want to target the world market? Go ahead while making the best use of the writing and distribution of Press Release. One of the standard and most effective ways to market a published app is to bring in the awareness about the business. No doubt one can count this one as the most cost effective process as well.
  2. Promo Codes: Paid apps are always submitted to the reviews site with a promo code. Well it is suitable to submit a free app for reviews to work on it the best way. But one can also make a paid app available for reviews while providing 3-5 promo codes.
  3. App Demo: Never miss out to provide the liveliest video of your app. The video helps in bringing the live feel and is an amazing way to bring out on the plate what is actually contained in your app.
  4. Follow the guidelines: Every site has their own guideline to make sure things would go well. Each site has their own guideline that has to be followed though majorly the guidelines would remain same but there might be a little difference in many of the guidelines. Following them will help you get benefitted into the most amazing manner from these sites.

Top App Reviews Sites List

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iOS App Spy Paid
Best app reviews

Review The Apps Paid
Gadget 400 Paid
Apps 4 Review Paid
Web app Rater Paid
Apps mamma Pid
Apps Thunder Paid
App TImes Paid
App listo paid
App Spread Paid
Appiod Paid
Game 400 Paid
App mirror Paid
Easy app finder Paid
Iphone Glance Paid
Android Guys1 Paid
Fun Appic Paid
App WAtch Wear Paid
Intellectu App Paid
Nerdoholic Paid
Hightechholic1 paid
tehnico Paid
Apps 400 Paid
The Popular Apps Paid
The Great Apps Paid
design nominees Paid
Alpha Digit Paid
Tend To Read Paid
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