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What Is App Store Optimization (ASO) And Why Is It Important?

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Everything you should know about ASO/App Store optimization

This article provides a complete guide to App Store Optimization (ASO), that addresses different challenges related to visibility, improving the conversion rate of apps to enhance downloads, and ways to improve discoverability.

The world of the mobile app market is growing and leading nowadays. The fact is that in the initial quarter of 2021, there were 3.48 million apps present for Android users on the Google Play store and 2.22 million apps for Apple App Store. Thus, this shows tremendous growth and offers a chance for all users to avail benefits of different apps.cubase pro 9 rar

What is the definition of APP Store Optimization (ASO)?

Definition of App Store Optimization can be stated as the process of enhancing app visibility among the app stores and improving the conversion rates of apps listed on stores. Apps are listed majorly on two stores: App Store for iOS users and Google Play for Android. The three major aspects on which ASO focuses on: – Keyword optimization/Enhancing discoverability, Conversion rate optimization, and Measurement.

App Store optimization in layman’s language is all about making sure the App shows off well. This all, or the optimizing meaning is even more about trying to flaunt our App above every other app!

This simply means working on increasing the conversion rates or the traffic for the App in concern! And who would not like this idea of increasing App Conversion! Barely anyone!

When we talk about App Store optimization, we likely think of SEO and also are similar. But that is not the case here. Here is how ASO meaning differs from SEO under different heads even though they both make the work of making a buzz in the market easy. Ready for an ASO vs SEO?adobe zii 2020

Helpful for:

Also, we can even call ASO the app SEO!

  • ASO remains on the first row to help the App Developers by a way to track app store ranking
  • SEO helps the Website Developers and the digital business setups.


ASO helps you with various goals like reducing the New user Acquiring pricing, highlighting the App in concern, enhancing download rates, enhancing visibility while users explore apps, and even more! crack youtube music

SEO makes sure the search engines favor you with greater visibility, the web page receives more traffic, the online business growth rate is enhanced, and even more!

These are the few key areas where ASO and SEO differ. And we hope you will have an even better and clearer picture of ASO as you keep scrolling down!

App Store Optimisation: WHY?

App Store optimization is a sure-shot success pathway for your Apps. But are you ready to hop onto this race of ASO without knowing much about it?

First thing first, when your App is well deserved, it will surely get the fandom. So, why do you even need to invest in ASO campaign services, even after investing in your dream App!

Why expand your budget?

It is absolute that your amazing app will surely get the fandom it deserves.

But now the question remains, how will fans know about your Dream App?

Simple logic: if we don’t showcase our products we won’t be able to flaunt all the amazing features our app possesses! Actually, your solo app will be competing against the 5 million apps out in the market of PlayStore and App Store!

Won’t you like to support your Dream App and help it perform well in this competition? Of course, you do! And this support, in the world of Apps is called ASO or the App Store Optimisation!

We are sure, you will definitely invest to cheer your app as it competes alone on the ground amidst 5 million+ Apps, going any amount of miles to make sure your app appears ahead of any potential Apps.

  • ASO or App Store Optimisation simply makes the Dream App visible to the potential installers, who have interests in similar apps like the one in concern.
  • ASO Experienced Professionals make their mark in presenting App’s potential capabilities targeting the audience well.
  • If you have invested well in your Dream App,  it is time to make wise moves and bring its potential strengths to the table!

Factors of App Store Optimization

There are certain factors of App Store Optimization on which attention is required including: –

  1. App title and name
  2. Description
  3. Keywords
  4. Subtitle
  5. Rating and reviews
  6. Total number of downloads

All these factors lead to a major impact on the rating of the app. Thus, at the time of the ASO strategy, the major focus has been given by the analysts is on the above-given factors.

How ASO started?

One should know the fact how App Store Optimization came into existence. The beginning of ASO was possible when Apple released the iOS App store with approximately 500 initial applications on 10th July 2008. The number of apps keeps growing and now it has reached more than 2 million.

On the other hand, Google Play was started on 22nd October 2008 just after a few months of the iOS app store. Mobile app developers got a new business model and were eagerly waiting for this opportunity to explore to list their apps. The start of fierce competition makes the users get to install the app which leads to the rise of the practice of ASO. This practice started to enhance the app discoverability and app conversions.

Most people get confused when it comes to the services of ASO and SEO but the fact is that there is a difference between both the services. Let’s understand the difference between ASO and SEO.

What is the difference between ASO and SEO?

ASO is often considered as app store SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The processes of both SEO and ASO have many similarities which include backlinking of keywords, keyword optimization, and conversion optimization. However, there is a major difference in both SEO and ASO including the ranking factor of the page. Also, SEO is used for optimizing websites but on the other hand, ASO is used for the proper utilization of mobile apps.

The practice of SEO includes the factors for the web browser that include google search. There are more than 200 aspects that are considered by the SEO analyst while working on a website for optimizing and improving ranking. However, comparing it with the ASO, it has much shorter aspects so the ranking factor is different. In order to throw light on the similarities and differences between ASO and SEO, refer to the below

Why App Store Optimization is important for app growth?

The growth of apps depends is currently in the hand of the App Store Optimization activities, as this is the way to increase the downloads as well as to improve the loyal users. The only way to get organic traffic for the app is to make the app popular. The developers need to make the app discoverable. But the major question that arises is how can you do that?

The best way to do this is to understand the pattern through which people are searching for and the findings app.

What are the benefits of App Store Optimization?

Every time you decide to showcase your app in front of your target or the potential downloaders, you already know it’s a one-time event that should be best in every possible way.

Having said that, here are a few things that ASO hits at without a miss! Getting ready to bring the App initiatives on ASO radar?

Searching for the app on the app store is one of the basic activities that is performed by the users so that they can find a new, best, and most appropriate app for them. The major reason behind it is App store optimization which is essential if you want your app in front of the right users. However, people generally argue that optimizing your app is considered a fruitful activity but others deny this fact.

Here are a few possibilities that your App can surely trace.
  • Helps to flaunt your App more than the rest!

Every App is special to its developer or the owner. Dreams matter and so does your App. Every App has a story and every story desires an audience!

  • You witness a rise in the Organic App Downloads Magically!

When your app has got the right moves within, you will witness your app touching stardom and fame in no time! This is more about just playing the best moves in your App Development and watching the growth game happening just the right way!

This is possible when professional ASO people tag your App well with keywords. This follows a good search from people helping your App to be noticed well.

A good ASO strategy will undoubtedly boost your organic installs and ensure long-term results.

With regular monitoring and updating, professional ASO ninjas make sure your efforts are successful.

  • Helps you to Say NO to User Acquisition Costs but YES to a Sustainable Growth

We understand every app development along with its growth phase asks a lot to be invested in. We are not against it. But if things that matter can be adjusted into a good cost then it happens to be great!

When ASO helps us to trace organic app growth, we can be sure; that it is only the rare and true App downloaders that would come near your App!

With organic app downloaders coming near, rest assured that the growth graph would be steady and it will last long! And it keeps you safe from a whole lot of spending on the ASO ads!

  • You don’t search for the relevant users and the potential downloaders rather they pursue you!

When the ASO professional Team works on building your App’s reputation on the PlayStore and App Store, it shows in every aspect.

The app would feel the stardom soon after the waiting period is done and the efforts will start paying off. You will soon witness the presence of prestigious clients on the list of your downloaders!

They are not only prestigious but loyal customers too! In short, your app has full access to the cream of potential downloaders cheering up your app!

  • You can tell your app’s story to the audience

And when you get the right trick of doing this, we get an amazing way, spreading this word becomes easy. And with all the best features within, your app would surely make its flaunting season the best, even better than the rest!

  • Watch the rise in the App Revenue and Conversion Rates

There are so many possibilities for investing in App publicity like in-app ads, in-app purchases, and subscription models. We have all these ways to bring in better user acquisition making our app do great and grow well!

But if these ads do not support your desire of converting the audience then all investing would not be of any profit!

ASO has its way of converting and making sure your audience downloads your app resulting in constant growth using the formulation, Conversion Rate Optimisation.

  • Brings your global audience to your fingertips!

ASO or the App Store optimization makes use of localization. This makes your App Available to an audience of different languages, thus expecting download from multiple dialects!

This will help your App to be presented to a huge range of populations, Ta-da!

  • Encourage positive reviews:

ASO strategy is to encourage positive reviews as well as ratings, both in terms of quantity as well as quality. Leaving a good review of the app attracts other users to download this app and also pushes other users to review your app wisely.

Scenarios where ASO played its remarkable role!

  • iLoans: Payday Cash Advance

An app made to bring ease to all your spending needs! With an app made to cater to your loan needs, iLoans: Payday Cash Advance, is a safe system built to cater to your payday needs, even if it is not your payday!

A helpful system built to bring in better financial days for everybody. But how would you know about it, if we would have not mentioned it here!

If you already knew, then our ASO efforts have proven to be true! This is what ASO helps in, making you’re out of the box App concept an easy and popular App concept for the people!

  • MyPostcard Postcard App

MyPostcard Postcard App brings the amazing concept of sharing photos as tokens of memory in form of postcards!

An app made to share love and memory while making it easy and possible! People look for such apps. But what if these apps are available yet people don’t know about them, so sad!

For such cases, we advise relying on the best use of ASO. ASO makes sure your app is available online to be searched by the potential audience. It also makes sure your app is available in the search results, even if the audience does not know about it and they are simply fiddling with the search bar looking for something closer like your App!

Isn’t it a greater gain? The search results are helping your app, even if you don’t know by whom and how your app is being searched for!

  • Tonki- Impression Photo Design

Pictures are every memory keeper’s, first love!

Did this memory recreating app find it easy to reach people? Definitely, when the ASO team started working on making it a regional app!

ASO’s one amazing feature is to fiddle with the languages to make your app available in multiple languages!

Tonki’s fanbase grew as people started finding this helpful app in their language. And the helpful app features did a great job in retaining those app fans!

  • Kasamba – Psychic Reading Chat

Everyone desires help and this is exactly what Psychic Reading Chat is made for. Are you willing to invest more but are thinking if you should do this or not?

Whether it is about love relationships or about making a big business decision, you surely need help and that is exactly what Kasamba – Psychic Reading Chat provides.

Are you still confused about opting for ASO or App Store optimization policies? Keep scrolling below for detailed insights and more!

If you are wondering whether or not you should take the help of App Store Optimisation, we would like to cheer up for you up! We understand it is not always easy to work your way through decisions.

But this taboo can be broken and deciding for ASO or putting App Store Optimisation in your bucket, can be made easy if you have all the facts in hand.

How did harness all the benefits of ASO? What was the game-changing strategy of the team that brought amazing changes in the history of the app? While we would love to answer all of these doubts, here below, we have something more with us:

  • What was the Problem Statement?’s ASO movement was lagging in its keyword structure and store conversions. Keywords were not generating traffic and they were even placed inefficiently.

Major non-US companies were facing problems because of improper research and irrelevant keyword translations.

Store conversion was majorly suffering due to a lack of better A/B store tests and less attractive App Screenshots that were due for an update.

The major strategies taken into account are:

  • The ASO team needed detailed insight into the problems of, like, what was hampering and how much it was hampering the call. Here we would be covering just the aso keywords optimisation part of the campaign.

The need was to understand the languages used, tones and images put up online along with the vision statement as well as services put ahead of the audience online.

Work started with finding the sets of keywords that are not too high in traffic but can get optimal traffic results.

  • A major point was to shortlist a series of keywords that will bring better traffic and can be a good point to bring in the ranking situation. This will also bring it to a point where it won’t face much competition from the big sharks of the ocean.

The step began with selecting the keywords, implementing, measuring, iterating, and scaling them often.

Was it even worthy?

The app store optimization analysis showed things were found to be different and unique in behavior and results. iOS store showed amazing results in the terms of making a real hit. But when Google Play Store’s results were compared, it was found a bit tricky and difficult to make the app rank well in the store.

Keywords keep changing in trends in their rise and fall. But a combined effort of iOS and Play Store made it possible to see a rise of at least a 33% hike in the App’s performance over the stores.

How do measure the success of the campaign?

Every campaign keeps fluctuating with time. We need to keep tweaking our policies from time to time to bring in better campaign results.

Also, we need to know which App platform is doing well and how we can harness that fact for our ASO strategies.

Still wondering, how can ASO be beneficial for your App?

When in doubt, follow these counts:

  1. Initial ASO Phase
  2. Revise your App’s vision statement and work on its features list to your best capacity.
  3. Fix an Appointment with App Store Optimisation Team.
  4. Share your concerns and the positive sides of your App’s PlayStore / Apple Store performance.
  5. Even though ASO method might seem to be confusing for you, we would encourage you to listen to them all. After all, you will be investing in them.
  • ASO Action Phase
  • The Practical Part starts from here when you start communicating about what benefit would a particular ASO strategy can bring in your App’s growth phase.
  • Chalk out a roadmap that will help you know how a problem can be solved.
  • Make a list of things or issues that can be solved with one strategy, this works in solving multiple targets in a row!
  • Pick the strategies you want to apply to your App while having experts by your side.
  • Hold on to patience and give these strategies some time to show up the desired results.
  • ASO Reaping Phase
  • Once we finalise the strategy to work upon, starting with them shall not take time.
  • The need is to check if the strategies are working or not.
  • ASO efforts take time to provide results. The key is to keep checking the progress for app keyword ranking and other processes and make changes as necessary.

Role of AppBoostability in ASO campaign

AppBoostability: one of the finest app store optimization agencies, is a team of App Ninjas! They are a complete hub for everything related to the App and various phases of planning related to its development.

Want to develop an App? Or do you want some help with things to get better? Appboostability: app store optimization agency is simply good at everything!

Here is how the team can help in the ASO campaign:

  • Plan Well

ASO Team would know where your App is lacking. This is not about lacking in the app, but this is more about knowing what features do well and how one feature could be used to make the app shine like a rising star!

At this step of planning, AppBoostability with its experience can suggest upgrades to the App to enhance the app store search ranking.

You can even talk about what features to be churned out from the app.

In short, they can help you right with App Counselling and assistance!

  • Listen to every bit of it

The team is very careful in listening to everything that you have to say. Their core belief is every App is different and every app might face something that is entirely different from the other app! They might also help with doubts like
what happens when the app rating is low!

While some challenges might be similar, the team still believes in pinning them down.

  • Hand-pick the strategies

Based on all the struggle points of your app, Team works on the action phase of creating hand-picked strategies for your app.

The base for creating hand-picked strategies depends upon the research. Thorough research with keeping all the necessary points in the loop is done. This helps to know, which area needs more to be focused on, whether one should try for the language specified tactics or one should work on the keyword optimization or the video or carousel updates.

Whether we need to bring out a certain feature in the app or whether we need to upgrade App with some new and exciting features.

These all come under the section of research that needs to be done to get ready for the upcoming phase. They even cater to the cases like app store search not working or any other that might help your App rank well!

  • Craft strategies for the campaign

With a detailed research, Team would know which strategies are needed for your ASO campaign. Not only this, they would be able to decide, where all the campaigns should be launched and which all ASO optimization tools should be used.

This can include entirely new ways to approach your app’s ASO or this can be a repeated process that few other apps might have gone through.

After implementing the strategies, Team’s next task would be to take care of every progress and report it to the people of concern. With a routine of keeping the progress in check, strategies are tweaked regularly to make sure the maximum benefit and outreach are made possible with the app.

Disadvantages of App Store optimization

App store optimization must be now running in and over your head. In this condition, we want to be fair with you and list out possible demerits of the same:

  • Not keeping ASO consistent

ASO helps App to grow and become viral. But if we won’t pay attention to the ASO needs regularly it can cause a problem.

The ASO analytics show hiked-up popularity will not be able to compensate for your missed ASO efforts for a longer time. Thus not keeping consistent hands at ASO will soon result in App’s popularity getting low.

This is not a possible disadvantage of ASO but an important factor to be considered while opting for App Store Optimisation.

  • ASO is not helpful if the meetings are missed

ASO needs every meeting to be taken seriously between the client and service provider. This phase brings up the complete situation clearly on the table.

At times, it is noticed that clients ask  ASO professionals to take care of ASO and they personally miss the meetings. It is always great to find a reliable ASO team to depend upon. But being a stakeholder Clients have a better knowledge of their products well. They can provide some insights and decisions, that can help the ASO strategy in way better means.

Doubts of a normal app developer while opting for ASO

Every App Developer has a desire to make sure the App makes Space in the Top Charts. Are you a newbie in this area? Are you also thinking, should I optimize my apps?

Looking forward to seeing how your App performs? It is surely an exciting moment for you and we understand this!

If you are a newbie and willing to try ASO or App Store Developer, you might have a few doubts like:

  • Is my App suitable for ASO?

Every single App is suitable for ASO strategy and so is your App! Your app might need counselors’ help for tweaking it a little!

So leave your worries behind and just try again, but this time with ASO!

  • Will ASO help my App

It will! ASO is meant to help every App if it is done properly. Your App will surely reap the benefits of ASO, inclining on the profitable side of the app store optimization metrics!

When starting with ASO, we need to give some time and wait patiently (to be honest, a lot more patience is needed).

You just need the right guide to help you walk through the process of ASO and ta-da, soon your app will enjoy all the stardom!

  • Is ASO pricing too much?

The process of ASO highly depends on the services and benefits one would like to reap from their apps. You can choose UI/UX fixing or you can even choose multi-language marketing of the App.

There are various services provided under the umbrella of app store optimization 2021 and we can choose as per the need of our App.So you pay for what you opt and you are the decision-maker of what services you want to go for!

Thus you have control over your own app store optimization cost in 2022!

Myths check related to ASO

  • The title needs to be changed now and then

People think experimenting with the title is necessary. They try to make sure tweaking with the title is done every now and then. But this is not necessary; rather it might hurt your SEO rankings.

Title necessarily needs not to be played with every now and then. But we simply need to be sure of keeping it within 25 characters. It should be creatively unique and should not have keywords stuffed into it.

  • Keywords are not that important

Keywords have been seen very well to be connected with SEO but we should not dispense their prime role in ASO as well: prime as tips.

The major thing to be careful about is making sure, we are not overusing the app store keywords and they are not stuffed but used naturally.

  • Rating matters over everything

Ratings impact App’s performance in more than one way. This is not only about the idea: we get better ratings and so the users will download the app or is more likely to be through and tap the app! Though ranking app surely helps, they do not do simply everything!

Results have been very different but all we can say is ratings are good but they are not the only thing!

  • Just being in the store will get it notified by the people

Listing our App online is not the only agenda to make sure our apps will be notified by the people. The complete cycle works as people get trickled to download the app, it enhances the rating and then in return, it again enhances the download number.

This cycle is the most active one and it keeps getting increased in this manner. Thus just listing the app online will not be beneficial, its download number is needed to be taken into even more care.

  • The description does not make any sense

We cannot overlook the matter of app description when it comes to our app’s popularity. This is more about overlooking the smallest details adding up to ASO ranking factors that can add up to your bigger achievements.

A better description helps your app in making a better place in the ranking and searches. This in turn helps in enhancing downloads which in turn enhances your App’s Store lifecycle.

Cost of ASO

As we already discussed there is never one fixed pricing for ASO. This is majorly determined by the services you would like to opt for, as per the Apps’ demands.

The best way to finalize costing is to talk to your ASO consultants and make sure you opt for all those services that are needed to fulfill the targets for your App!

Methods for ASO

With a vast range of services provided by our ASO Ninjas, we have come a long way in providing you with a list of ASO-related services using the best ASO tools, well efficient in making apps climb the Top ASO Charts:

Service list Design

Free app store optimization tools

  • Kumulos

Find everything that your App Marketing strategy will like. You get everything here that will push your efforts and get you faster and greater growth along with measurable results.

The facilities are Mobile and Web Push Notifications, Deferred Deep Linking, In-App Messaging, Web-to-App Banners, App Store Optimization, Geo-fencing and Proximity Marketing and so much more provide you with greater control, faster growth, and measurable results. You can even search for some ASO tools for android!

  • Intelligence (formerly App Annie)

The Mobile Analytics platform is even one of the most trusted platforms. You can expect to be backed by services like acquiring, retaining and engaging customers. No doubt they come on the first row and you can also expect to prioritize your roadmap, optimize ROI and enter new markets.

  • Appfigures

Keeping it simple, this gives help with everything intuitive along with being simple. App makers are given the tools to help them with tools to get ahead, understand their business better and get ahead in the competition.

Master the craft with loads of hands-on training material and guides.

  • Adjust

Protect your users’ data while optimizing your campaign and measuring your solutions well. Looking for acquisition, monetization, and measurement? You will surely have hands-on these things with Adjust!

  • App Radar

This helps you with organic and paid app user acquisition. Looking for help with self-service tools with managed services for app store marketing? If this is you, then App radar: optimizing app is for you.

  • Check ASO

This helps you by analyzing your Platform’s ASO and is one of the top ASO tools. It then tops it up with advice to make it come on the brighter side. Created by the ASO experts, this one is helpful in handling and provides things that a naive Mobile developer is concerned about.

  • Mobile Action

It is an ASO, Ad Intelligence, Market, and Apple Search Ads campaign management platform. This helps businesses with keyword tracking, keyword research, app localization analytical reports, and effortless ASA campaign optimization experience.


ASO or App store optimization is not at all a one-day event! Not even Rome was built in a day!

With more or fewer ways to experiment and come to a conclusion, we might have to experiment with many ASO methods or the ASO services strategy to count on.

Are you ready for a ride on ASO’s experimental journey? If yes then let’s get on a discussion trial today with AppBoostability: ASO store optimization company! Thinking about how to make an app store preview video? AppBoostability can help you well! Or our app store optimization company can help you understand well what does it mean to optimize apps to buy app ratings


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