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App Store Vs Google Play Store Promo Video Guidelines

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Tell more about your App before people start thinking on their own. More we convey the right information using the App Preview Video, more we sell the App for what it is.

App’s Promo Videos are the best creatives to pass your App’s information in detail. Creative Detailed App information is the best way to attract attention.

Google has included many changes in its App listing. Shining changes always bring shining results.

Publish and design your Google Play and App Store Preview Video being mindful of these things!

General App Store and Google Play Store Preview Video Guidelines

  1. App Preview videos appear foremost, ahead of the screenshots. Give it your best shot!
  2. Catch the breath-taking game moments (Actual App Moments) or the amazing App’s Details in videos. Within first 5-10 seconds try to hook the audience.
  3. Video Thumbnail should be made keeping note of the impact and engagement along with app preview resolutions. Satisfying audience’s senses is the first hook.
  4. Orientation of the Video: Pick any from landscape or portrait. Portrait keeps the video in sync with screenshots.
  5. Optimise video for the best mobile experience with clear CTA, like Download now or install.
  6. Never miss Localised app preview video, to target the specific regions/languages.
  7. Use sample accounts to display the Personal information.
  8. Display material for which you have the legal right to display.
  9. Evergreen videos do no have references to any event. This saves it from getting outdated.
  10. Manage user expectation and avoid any misleading information to be put up.

What is new and different for Apple Store as compared to the Google Play Store?

App Store Video Preview Guidelines

  1. Include the App’s captured footage ONLY.
  2. Auto playing videos need easy to read text with videos made in easy flow.
  3. Hit for Max 30 seconds and Min of 15 seconds app store preview video.
  4. Be specific about these video requirements. These refer to a list of requirement.
  5. Target age is 4+.
  6. Avoid overlay hand simulating gestures and zooming in (use native resolution).
  7. Skip mentioning App’s price but do mention the special App features available as a part of some price plan.
  8. Showcase your app in Apple Pre-Order using the app store video preview. And in Apple Search Ads, a greater way to enhance the paid users.
  9. Poster frame can be changed when the App status is in editable mode. For frequent changes in Poster Frame, a new app version for review is to be submitted.


Google Play Store Promo Video Guidelines

  1. Max from 2 minutes to 30 seconds.
  2. Disable ads on YouTube Preview videos to keep them non-monetised.
  3. Analyse Preview videos in YouTube Analytics
  4. Keep your google play store promo video public or unlisted and embeddable.
  5. Keep it informative. , to make it seen everywhere on the Google Play except just the listings.
  6. Focus on actual in-app or in-game experience. Keep branding minimum.
  7. Trick it by using your App promo video for Google Ads.
  8. Avoid violent/adult and an age restricted app store preview video content.
  9. Avoid creating app store preview video content covering people interacting with the device.

Technical Details on App Store Promo Video

App Store Video Guidelines

  1. 3 videos per localization in .mov, .m4v, or .mp4 format
  2. 500 MB file size
  3. Orientation can be either portrait or landscape. Video should have a device specific size.
  4. Accepted formats: H.264 and ProRes 422 (HQ only)

Google Play Store Promo Video Guidelines

  1. Only one App Promo Video per localization. That needs to be uploaded to YouTube.
  2. Recommended size: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  3. Accepted format: YouTube URL
  4. Only landscape Orientation allowed.

With so much said already, never skip being more creative in planning and drafting your app store preview video.

Real App experiences content for the app promo video drive downloads. With a complete package of App Promotion Creatives one can aim for a higher App Install.

For more knowledge on App Promotion creatives or Graphics click here!

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